Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Adventures in Consumerism (or How I Became a Crazy Cat Lady)

One of my half-assed, non-specific resolutions for the new year was to spend less money. Or buy less stuff. Something like that. And if we are talking about buying less stuff for moi, I guess you could say I’ve been somewhat successful at that thus far. However, I have a new addition to my household, which has sparked a spending frenzy. Meet Stephen Patrick Morrissey, or Stephen for short:

He is my $1000 ball of fluff. A handsome little Siberian kitten. Hypo-allergenic, sweet, and very smart. And since I always have to have the very best, why shouldn’t my cat? Here are some of the products I have purchased to make Stephen the coolest, most spoiled kitty on the block:

Every cat needs a carrier, and this is definitely the best-looking, most functional one that I found. The Sleepypod doubles as a bed, with the mesh top that zips right off. Of course, Stephen doesn’t sleep in this. But he looks pretty cool when I take him to the vet.

I bought the Cat Livin’ Climber in hopes that Stephen would use it to satisfy his climbing and scratching needs, and leave my couches and countertops alone. It certainly looks a thousand times more attractive than a traditional carpeted cat tree. He does scratch on its sisal surface, but hasn’t gotten brave enough to climb on its shelves.

The Hepper Pod bed was my first purchase; I bought it even before I put the deposit down on Stephen, because it was on sale, and it just looked soooo cool. The green color matches the d├ęcor in my apartment, and reminds me of a UFO. This is another thing that Stephen doesn’t use, but I’m hoping to bribe him by putting treats in it.

One of Stephen’s favorite toys was also one of the cheapest things I bought for him. It’s the Turbo Scratcher. He never seems to get tired of chasing the plastic ball in the track.

The Peek-and-Play toy box is fun for hiding treats and toys in. It’s also entertaining to watch Stephen try to get them out.

I got these cute bowls from Petco.

Probably the most important thing I got for Stephen is the Litter Kwitter system. I cannot stand the litter box, and getting a kitten of my own did not change that hatred. The Litter Kwitter allows you to train your cat to use a human toilet. We are now on to the “amber” stage. I hope that within the next two months Stephen will be fully trained. He is doing an awesome job so far! It’s a pretty messy process, though, with litter being thrown everywhere every time he hops down from the throne.

Which led me to purchase the Dirt Devil Kurv. Quite possibly the most attractive hand-held vacuum ever! Has been a necessity in keeping the bathroom floor free of litter.

Speaking of litter, until Stephen has been completely toilet-trained, I have been using an all-natural, wheat-based, flushable litter called Swheat Scoop. Ha ha. Get it? Not that I have ever had any prior experience with litter, but I have been pleased so far, and the fact that it doesn’t have any chemicals in it is nice. The flushable part is a must, too, because Stephen likes to push the litter into the toilet.

A lot of the stuff I got for Stephen I found through a blog called Modern Cat. A must-read if you have a cat or are interested in getting one, if you want to find cool, non-frumpy cat stuff that fits into your lifestyle.

A final note before I conclude this blog post: While I am first and foremost a dog person, I also believe in being a responsible pet owner. As a nurse who works twelve-hour shifts, I thought it would not be right to get a dog, as it would be unfair to leave one inside for that long without a potty break, in addition to the fact that they thrive on human attention and would get lonely. I also feel badly that with the millions of homeless pets out there, I made the decision not to adopt a cat from a shelter. However, I am allergic to cats, and upon doing research, I discovered the Siberian cat, which is a hypoallergenic breed. The downside is that there is no way you are going to find one in a shelter or from a rescue group (believe me, I looked on Petfinder!). Which is why I had to shell out the cash to purchase Stephen from a breeder. It has been a worthwhile investment though. The breeder is wonderful and it shows in how intelligent and well-socialized my cat is. She also calls me every so often to check in on him and see if I have any questions or concerns. Disclaimer complete!


sBs said...

I might consider potty training my cat...she's almost 3; I don't know if we can do it! My cat & my parent's cats looove the turbo scratcher. I feel the same way about having a dog - I'd like one but it's not fair to leave the poor little guy/gal all alone for hours on end w/out a potty break!

Slastena said...

He is sooooo cute! Look at those eyes-bet, they just melt your heart!

Heather said...

I also have a siberian - they are wonderful!