Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boys are Idiots, Part II

I think I might have to change the focus of my blog to the adventures of being single, because this is what my life has come to!

To further drive home the point that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to have a simple, friendly conversation with a guy, and to further prove that guys never just want to be friends: A few weeks ago I was hanging out having brunch, when a friend of a friend showed up who was new to town. I, of course, being the friendly girl that I am, talked to this guy. We got on the subject of triathlons and marathons, and he mentioned that he needed someone to do some muddy buddy race with him in a few weeks. I said that I might be able to, but I wasn’t sure, but maybe we could at least get together sometime and go for training runs. He told me that he was just looking to meet new people, blah, blah blah, and I believed him. Well, after a week or two of texting and trying to figure out a mutually agreeable time to go for a run, I finally came to the conclusion that I am really too busy for all of this at this point due to the demands of the critical care nursing residency program I am in right now (and this is completely true), and told him this.

WELL, what do you know, he sent me a text back that he understood if I was too busy, but that he would like to take me out for dinner or drinks sometime. SERIOUSLY? Do I just need to stop talking to members of the male species all together? This is getting ridiculous. And I really thought this guy just wanted to be workout buddies. I can still be so gullible sometimes.

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