Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Holidays are Here!

I just spent the afternoon buying a few festive things to get my apartment in the mood for the holiday season.

First off was this pretty wreath from Pottery Barn:

Right now their holiday decor is up to 50% off, so I got this for only $49.99, down from $99. There's no way in hell this thing is worth anywhere near the original price, so I was glad I could get it for less, since it is the only wreath that really caught my eye. They also have some cute woodland creature and acorn ornaments that I might buy on after-Christmas clearance sale if they are still around (and I'm sure they will be).

To really get myself in the spirit, I stopped at Starbucks to pick up a Peppermint Twist Mocha. I have no idea if this is supposed different than the regular Peppermint Mocha, they probably just changed the name to entice suckers like me to buy it. They also have a new Espresso Truffle latte, which I tried yesterday. Tomorrow I plan on trying the Gingersnap Latte. Once again, this is probably just the Gingerbread Latte with a snazzier name. Btw, my local Starbucks is now carries some hot, savory breakfast items. They are tasty, but it brings the bill close to nine bucks. Oh, I think I would be very disgusted with myself if I added how much I spent on breakfast and triple grande holiday-themed lattes at Starbucks this week.

Next, I went to Target to pick up a wreath hanger and a few other random holiday things like some winter white place mats with metallic branches and leaves embroidered on them, and some glittery pears to replace the fake apples in this green glass bowl that sits on the counter top. Target really does have some cute Christmas decor, grouped into cute themed collections, like Birchwood Chalet, Snowfall Splendor, and Arctic Solstice.

I also picked up a few bird ornaments. Although I sadly do not have room for anything other than a miniature tree in my apartment, I am collecting bird ornaments, because one day I hope to have a full-sized tree that has nothing but birds on it. I love birds. Except for grackles and pigeons. I think when I am older and own a house, I will put all kinds of bird feeders in my backyard and become an amateur bird watcher or something. Anyway, it seems like I am in luck, because bird ornaments are just everywhere this season. Anthropologie has some especially adorable ones.

Once I put out the decor and put the pine-tree scented refills in my Wallflowers (which I wisely bought well over a month ago, because the holiday scents always seem to be sold out before Thanksgiving!), my humble abode will be ready for holidays! All I will need to do to make it complete is play my Rat Pack Christmas CD and pour a glass or two of champagne. It's about time I made a dent in my seven (yes, seven) bottle stash...


Adin said...

Of course holidays are here & I'm ready for them with a beautifully decorated home.

Melanie said...

I think the barista told me that they have chocolate shavings and peppermint whipped cream, which was enough to entice this fellow sucker. :) What can I say? I love flavored whipped cream.