Monday, December 8, 2008

Real Ladies Wear Underwear

Okay, so I was sitting in class/work the other week and could not help but stare at this girl who was in the row in front of me, because her pants were dipping down so low in the back that you could see her crack. Yes, her crack. I don't know how she didn't know that thing was hanging out; you would think it would get a little drafty back there, no?

It got me thinking about why exactly some women choose not to wear underwear. I just do not understand. I find it disgusting, and with all of the new undergarment technology out there, there is really no good excuse not to. Are you wearing low-rise pants? They do make low-rise underwear, you know. My personal favorite is Hanky Panky's low-rise lace thong. It is made of super-stretchy, super comfortable lace, and one size fits almost all.

You say you don't want VPL (other wise known as "visible panty line")? Try Commando brand underwear. These things are totally thin and seamless. If they show underneath your clothing, do you think, perhaps, it's not a good idea that you wear something that tight??

What I really don't understand is when some women don't wear underwear when they are wearing short skirts. Really? You want to rub your vag all over dirty public surfaces and flash it to strangers? Worse yet for the rest of us, we have to sit on the juices that have rubbed off from your bare cooch. Yes, I know that sounded gross, but I'm trying to make a point! And the point is, in case you haven't gotten by now, please, for the love of sweet Jesus (and the rest of your fellow human beings), wear underwear! Me and your grandmother will thank you.


sBs said...

Hilarious! And...btw, cats are awesome! I got mine from a former bf who supposedly couldn't afford her, but she's so much fun, smart, and cuddly too...but every cat has its personality, so there are some that aren't so nice.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through J.Crew Aficionada. :) I like your writing style.

I was wondering ... how do you know she wasn't wearing low-rise underwear? So maybe I'm not wearing super low underwear or pants, but I've never had a problem showing too much. But I notice some people chronically have this problem. This will sound so weird, but I thought I just had no crack in comparison to other women.

Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

anonymous@ 8:39: You could be right.... but for the purposes of my blog posting, I'm just going to assume that person was not wearing any!