Monday, November 17, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you are really looking forward to receiving a piece of clothing that you ordered online and then it does not live up to your expectations?

Meet Crawford. A huge disappointment. And she looked so cute on the model!

What isn't readily apparent from the picture online is that the cinching in at the waist is accomplished by a self-sash that ties in the back (or the side or wherever you would like). Being that it is made of silk chiffon, it doesn't stay put, and makes the shirt look sloppy. The cinching effect would have better been accomplished by some elasticized stitching at the waist. Or by a false sewn-on, non-tying sash, and the shirt could have a side-seam zipper.

Another aspect that contributes to the sloppiness of the blouse is the fact that it is button-down all the way to the bottom (which you also cannot tell from the picture). Which means that the two halves of the shirt just kind of hang open at the bottom. Which wouldn't be a problem is the shirt was made of a material that wasn't floppy like chiffon. If the buttons only went about halfway three-quarters of the way down the shirt (like their "popover" blouses), the look at the hem of the shirt would have been much neater.

And while I'm busy picking apart this poor shirt, another thing that bothered me were the cuffs. I have pretty slender wrists and forearms, and I could barely fasten the hook-and-eye closures at the the cuffs. I felt like I had sausage arms!

So there you have it. If you can find a way to make this work, then more power to you. I am jealous!


covert5 said...

WOW--GREAT review! I would have had NO IDEA about so many of these things you have mentioned! I loved it and I even loved the new print (but I agree why the MAJOR price difference-that fabric costs that mush more to make the same shirt?? Ridiculous!). Thanks for the review--looks like I can scratch off one more item on my actually very small list of Holiday roll-out items to try.

Chiffon Cupcake said...

Oh thanks for reviewing! I wish I had read your review earlier. I just purchased the sanibel (the printed version) crawford blouse at full price and full shipping online! Let's see how it would fit! If it comes to the worst, I guess I just return it to the store :( Hope I wouldn't have to because I do adore the prints.