Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Are you kidding us, J. Crew??? Do you think your legions of admirers are actually dumb enough to shell out $500 for THIS????????!!!!!!!!!!!!:

The description is laughable:

Extra-luxe, ultraplied-up Italian cashmere in a 3 gauge knit—transformed with dramatic feather trim to create the ultimate statement piece. We only have a few (and know they're going to fly).

Ha. Ha. This looks like something that an overweight, frumpy, middle-aged woman from Oklahoma school teacher would wear to church or a holiday open house. (Hey, I'm from Oklahoma, so I can say that!!). It would be her "spunky" wardrobe piece that she would wear when she wanted to be the envy of all of her friends.

Seriously, though. It looks like something SteinMart would have carried in the late 1990s. What were you thinking, J. Crew? Even without the detachable feather collar, the color, the shape, the knit of this cardigan is just wrong and extremely dated. Look forward to seeing this gem in the "Final Sale" section very soon.


sBs said...

Oklahoma, Kansas, or TX school teacher haha. Wow, that is awful!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head with the 90's fact I had a sweater without the feather like this in a dark pink from 1987 that I got rid of years ago b/c it was so bad???? It was in style when I bought it but wow still bad.

This JCRew version is hideous...oh my! YUCK

covert5 said...

HATE this sweater--a SAD excuse for pricey, good design. It's bad all the way around.