Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Arrivals at J. Crew: Hits and Misses

Okay, so this is like my millionth post in a row about J. Crew, but whatevs. It's keeping me blogging, so that's good, right?

Anyhow, J. Crew has updated their website with some new arrivals for the holidays. There are a few things that I'm excited about, some things I wish I was excited about, and some things I'm not too excited about.

Let's bring on the cute, shall we?:

Metallic Houndstooth Marie Jacket, $425.

If only I had a man to take me to some fine establishments so I could get some use out of something like this! Or if only I lived in a place where people walked further than the distance from car to building and back so I could show this baby off. I love how effortlessly sophisticated the model looks in this picture. This is a jacket that could definitely be dressed up or down. Want it. But still have zero use for it.

Liquid Gold Sequin Skirt, $250.
Once again, another item I have no use for but absolutely love. If only I had some fancy holiday party to go to! And for a full skirt that is entirely covered in sequins, I'd say the price is just about right. With the insane prices J. Crew has been charging for their Collection items, I'm surprised they didn't price this item higher.

Merino Sequin Chiffon Shell, $148.

More sequins, but this is a piece I could actually fit into my generally non-dressy lifestyle. It would look cute with with some dark jeans and heels for a night out. I would have to try this on in person, however, because the shape on the model looks a tad suspect.

Morgan Cozy Cardigan, $198.

If I had to sum up my winter style in one item of clothing, this would probably be it. I live for this kind of stuff. Plus, it is made from baby alpaca wool, which is insanely soft (but does have a tendency to shed).

And now for the pieces I'm not so pumped about:

Sanibel Crawford Blouse, $160

Don't get me wrong, I adore the print, but as you can see in a previous post, I am not a fan of the shape of the Crawford, at least not on me. I would love to see this pretty print on something different! And an extra $72 for the print on this blouse (as compared to the solid colored version) is a bit extreme.

Cashmere Chunky Cable Sweater, $450.

Wow, this even makes the model look puffy. That's saying something.

There's nothing else that really catches my eye and makes me say, "yuck," but I will say that I am disappointed in the lack of new dresses that J. Crew has rolled out with this time. I'm not sure exactly what I've been looking for, but I do know that J. Crew does not have it. There are a few okay dressy dresses, but nothing that wows me. And there aren't enough casual cute dresses either. I wish J. Crew made some more cozy sweater dresses, or some shirt dresses like they did last winter.

And of course, there are many more things in this latest roll-out that have caught my fancy, but it would probably take me the rest of the night to blog about them!


covert5 said...

I agree about the fattening sweaters--there are several this roll-out. I was shcked byt he price of the sequin skirt--I meant to say PLEASANTLY shcked. I expected it to be $300 easily with the way the prices are soaring!

covert5 said...

ooh--fast typing-not good:(

Chiffon Cupcake said...

Any thoughts on the short version - metallic houndstooth pheobe jacket?


Seriously contemplating of getting it!