Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football Style

Can you believe it? The beginning of the NFL season is nigh upon us, and you have less than a week to figure out what to wear!

First of all, for the love of sweet, baby Jesus, don't show up in one of these:

Seriously? The last time I checked, there wasn't a single team in the NFL that had pink as one of their colors. I think part of the problem is that manufacturers of woman-sized NFL fan gear don't realize that there's a big enough faction of women out there who actually want authentic looking stuff, just cut a bit smaller to fit our girlish figures. While there is a growing number of options out there for women, they're still relatively difficult to find unless you order online.

Me? I sport a number 81 jersey in a Youth size Medium, which, although was a gift, can be easily obtained at a local Academy Sports:

Which brings me to another source of frustration. I really want a T.O. Tee. If you watch Hard Knocks on HBO, you will know what I'm talking about. Yes, I know, I am a big dork. But they only make the cool ones in dude sizes! Check out the ladies' version:

Are you kidding me? "iDance"? "iModel?" I'm sorry, but I do neither. However, I do love me some me. Why can't I have a shirt in my size that allows me to say that to the whole world??

Anyway. If you want to be a little more fashion-forward while still showing some love for your team, Retro Sport makes some good stuff. All of their apparel has, you guessed it, retro team logos on it. But they look cool, and the fabrics are super soft. And they don't do just NFL; they also do college, NHL, and NBA. You can buy Retro Sport at boutiques, online at places like Revolve Clothing or NFL Shop, or directly from Retro Sport. I wouldn't mind adding these two items to my collection:

And for the spoiled fashionista fan who has everything, I bring you this:

It's like a Judith Leiber, except not. Although at $2449.99, it sure is priced like one!


Suzy Shoup said...
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Suzy Shoup said...

I totally agree on the pink thing. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it - I'm a little bigger so I can't wear the youth sizes and can fit in the guy sizes without swimming in it.

I too have been watching Hard Knocks and would like something like iCowboy in a feminine cut because I don't dance, model, or shop!
Blog on, girl!

Dave said...

I think I'd look good in a pink Romo. And aren't you glad that you held out for the TO and didn't get stuck with a dumb Bledsoe?