Friday, August 29, 2008

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl

I think I just bought my bus ticket to hell. Okay, not really; that was a complete over-exaggeration. But I indulged in way too many guilty pleasures yesterday. I deserve to be in time out.

1. I went to J. Crew for the second time this week. Additional Items Marked Down + An Extra 40% off + 15% Student Discount = I Can't Believe My J. Crew Card Isn't Maxed Out By Now. By the way, the Watercolor Floral Madison Dress that I bought on Monday is now only $79.99, plus an additional 40% off. Are you freaking kidding me? That dress is awesome, and a complete steal at that price.

2. I went to the American Girl Store. Yes I did. I'm a grown-ass, childless, 27-year old woman and I totally went there. I've been wanting to go ever since it opened up in the Dallas Galleria last year. It's not even like you can just stop in there on your way to a more age-appropriate store since it's not actually connected to the mall. American Girl Dolls were a childhood obsession of mine, particularly Kirsten, the Swedish Pioneer. I loved her so. I also had Felicity and Samantha, but they got the red-headed stepchild treatment. I guess it didn't help Felicity's case much that she actually was a red head.

I was so disappointed to see that Kirsten is probably one of the least popular dolls now. They even took away some of her outfits, as well as her school bench and lunch. Blasphemy!!! How is she going to even compete with these newer broads who have doll best friends and roller skates?? I think I'm taking this a bit too seriously. After all, I briefly considered asking the stylist at the doll hair salon if they would be able to do anything to tame my Kirsten's frizzy tresses.

3. I skipped working out in favor of some mango margaritas.

4. I went to see The House Bunny. Obviously it's not going to win an Oscar, but it entertained my small, margarita-buzzed brain for approximately 90 minutes. I was mesmerized with how tiny and perfect Anna Faris' body was. Why can't I look like that? Oh yeah, it's because I skip workouts to sip on margaritas.

5. I ordered champagne, I mean, sparkling wine, at a pub. Can we say "high maintenance"? I'm ashamed to admit that I do this quite frequently. Slap the cuffs on me officer, I'm guilty as charged.


Leigh said...

I enjoyed this post!

I am glad you got the Madison dress for such a steal price. Did you return the one you paid full price for? Were the employees nice or rude about it?

My best friend and I also saw The House Bunny on opening night. Anna Faris was so ridiculously cute. She made me think about the recently purchased gift of a gym membership my boyfriend gave me and how I needed to go.

(He wants us to work out together to promote better living and a healthier lifestyle.)

Ashley said...

Leigh: Try kettlebells! I'm going to post about them in the near future! I think they may be the solution we are looking for!

Ashley said...

Oh yeah; I ordered the Madison online since it wasn't in my size in any of the stores and I will just take back the other one. I'm sure it wasn't eligible for price adjustment since I had already bought it on sale to begin with.

sBs said...

Oh I do remember the American Girl doll obsession, and I remember how you got all that Kirsten stuff - didn't your mom make her trunk? I never got a 2nd or 3rd doll; my sister bought several. I can't believe they took away those great accessories that only cost $50.

Jenny said...

I will admit to seeing the House Bunny. And dragging Marshall along with me. I loved it but really I only went to see it b/c the commercial tidbit where she proudly exclaims "yeah, HENCE!". I've re-told that line about 143 times. I sitll find it very funny.

And I was always shocked by your love of Kirsten. I know the whole Swede thing but you just seem so much more like Samantha. Seriously. Don't deny it.